What are Virtual Assistants?

In the traditional office, they are known as Administrative Assistants, but in the online community, they are known as Virtual Assistants. VA’s work from their own offices, use their own equipment, and provide services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, or busy people. Assignments are usually communicated through e-mail, instant messaging, or phone. Whatever the project, information is easily transferred between client and Virtual Assistant.

Working with a Virtual Assistant can save time and money!

With a VA, you have…

  • NO employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.
  • NO extra office space or equipment costs.
  • Minimal or NO training.
  • To pay only for time and materials spent on project.
  • The ability to stay on schedule.

What My Clients Are Saying

Andrea, thank you for all you did in 2002 to make my business successful. Because of your expertise, I have accomplished exactly what I hoped…my website to be my main source of advertising. Also thanks to you, whenever someone types in personal chef in Atlanta I am the first name that comes up. Andrea you are truly talented and I look forward to us working together for a VERY long time.

~ Carolyn Akens
Carolyn’s Meals By Design

You are an important part of our team and we appreciate you efforts in helping us build a great business.

~ Mark E. Dotson
A All Animal Control

You’re doing a great job!…I thank you so much for being so professional.

~ Kim Haas

I am excited to work with someone competent, dedicated and loyal…I’m really impressed with Andrea.

~ David Oliver

Thank you Andrea, for all your excellent work for us!

~ Bob Purcell
Sandra Purcell & Associates

I’ve checked out some search engines and our placement is impressive. Yahoo, Google, AOL are all posting in top 15 under ‘area rugs’ and ‘custom area rugs.’ Yahoo to you!

~ Russell Webb
Mastercraft Carpet Makers

Will definitely recommend your services whenever I can.

~ Nan Yielding